What’s Happening This Week?
Friday – Sunday see DFC at the 1d4con convention!  The store will still be open and full games/tournaments commencing!

Tuesday - April 22
Board games and more – Netrunner, Pirates vs Dinosaurs, Ascension… 

Wednesday – April 23
Warhammer - Play a full game or kill teams!

Thursday – April 24
Board Game Night – challenge us on Ascension! We’ll teach you to play. Also Netrunner! Lots of fun and people are here to teach you the game and help with deck building.

Metacell: Genesis Kickstarter Pledge Party for our friends at Products for Robots, An easy going demo night with a T-shirt as an instant pledge reward for anybody who pledges in person.
In Metacell: Genesis you take the role of one of humanities last defenders who are training to battle a scientific abomination that was created by our hunger for answers on the nature of reality. Battle your friends and learn the skills you’ll need to survive!

Friday – April 25
Friday Night Magic – 2HD Giant - $5 to enter for each person (Yes that’s $10 per team). Starts at 7:00pm

Midnight Pre-release Journey to Nyx – $25 to enter. Starts at..midnight.

Saturday – April 26
MTG Journey to Nyx Pre-release – $25 to enter. Starts at 1:00pm

Sunday – April 27
WarHammer will be 1850 points. No escalation however Forge World legit chapters will be allowed. Starts at Noon and will be $10 to enter.

This will be the second game of the 4 month mini spring slaughter. Points will be totaled over the next 3 months and a larger prize will be awarded just before the commonwealth games.

As of now, Barry is in the lead with 3 points, Andrew Has 2 points, and Robert has 1 point.

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What’s Happening Next Month?

Stay tuned for sign ups for the yet un-named Commonwealth games!