What’s Happening This Week?
Wednesday – April 16
Warhammer Kill Themes – bring the start of your themed kill team!. 250 points.
Thursday – April 17
Board Game Night – challenge us on Ascension! We’ll teach you to play. Also Netrunner! Lots of fun and people are here to teach you the game and help with deck building. Who will win the Corporation or the Runner?
Friday – April 18
Friday Night Magic – Modern – $5 to enter. Starts at 7:00pm
Saturday – April 19
Saturday Night Magic – Mini Masters League – $10 to enter. Starts at 5:00pm
Sunday – April 20
CLOSED for Easter. Happy Easter everyone! See you Tuesday, April 22.
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What’s Happening This Month?

April 27
WarHammer will be 1850 points. No escalation however Forge World legit chapters will be allowed. Starts at Noon and will be $10 to enter.

This will be the second game of the 4 month mini spring slaughter. Points will be totaled over the next 3 months and a larger prize will be awarded just before the commonwealth games.

As of now, Barry is in the lead with 3 points, Andrew Has 2 points, and Robert has 1 point.